Most awaited video games in 2019

Christmas Santas has just dropped its video games gifts under the tree that it’s already time to think about next step, which is the most awaited video games of the year… Between true classics, new trends and sagas, what are the most awaited video games for 2019? Read this article!


Pokémon RPG, it’s open season!


After Pokemon Go phenomenon’s buzz on mobile phones, that millions of fans awaited in 2016, the Pokemon industry hasn’t retired yet from the stage.


Pokémon RPG, that will mainly be played on Switch, will follow Pokémon Ultra Soleil and Ultra Lune’s story, with a role game between Pokemons. Who never dreamt about living adventures as Pikachu itself?


Expected outflow end of 2019 (TBD).


Yoshi’s Crafted World, back in childhood  


Let’s keep a child/teenager atmosphere with Yoshi’s Crafted World’s, another awaited video games for 2019. Planned : an accessible gameplay and cute visuals, to play with all the family !


Outflow on 29th mars 2019, on Switch.


Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled, one or two races?  


Crash Bandicoot”, does it sound familiar to you? Well, he is back on screens from 21st June 2019, after the success of its first remake in 2017.


The most 2000’ well-known malicious fox needed two decades to get back in the saddle, or better, back to kart driving, and will offer new functions, even more far-fetched. Amazing races to be foreseen on PS4, Xbox or Switch.


Resident Evil 2, the most awaited


On 25th January 2019, Biohazard video games’ fans will be relieved to know that Resident Evil 2 will be available in their favorite shop. No surprise in this one: we still play in a zombie-apocalyptic atmosphere in Racoon City, with an even more realistic immersion, through a revisited gameplay.


Outflow on Xbox One, PC and PS4.


Anthem, the strong playful gaming


That was not an easy bet for Bioware Studios, which counted on Anthem to improve its image after the failure of its last creation, Mass Effect Andromeda. Anthem revisites the concept of blockbuster, emphasizing on multiplayers mode and offering breathtaking visuals.


Ready to wait until 22nd February 2019 to test it on PC, Xbox One or PS4?


Rage 2, for shooting amateurs  


Halfway between Doom and Mad Max, Rage 2 is already considered as a successful video game. Punk ambiance, adrenalin and highly-testosteroned: let your rage limitlessly express itself!


Discover the gameplay from 14th May 2019, on Xbox One, PC and PS4.


Cyberpunk 2077, the most in-demand game  


When talking about punk ambiance, here is another awaited one, but here, you’ll have to stay patient and wait for the beginning of 2020 to admire all game aspects. The action-RPG video game has already settled a waiting list for gamers impatient to discover Night City and going after the drug addicts “Psychos”.

A project that was born in 2012, and will be brought to life in a few months!